Welcome from the Headmaster of Taunton School

Our aim at Taunton School is to challenge, inspire and nurture our students. These are key words and I firmly believe that every child has the right to an outstanding education.

From Nursery, through Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School, or whether a child joins via Taunton School International or its Middle School, we are one school sharing the same vision for our children.

In my view, education should be thought of as a structure with five pillars: Academic, Pastoral, Co-curricular, Community and Global Outlook.

Academic - We must instil a desire to learn, and create an environment which allows every student to maximise their own academic achievement - whether that is a grade C or an A*.

Pastoral - Our children face many different pressures as they grow up, and social media has added to this. Our well-being programme ensures they are equipped to make the right decisions.

Co-curricular - Our co-curricular programme is crucial, and we deliver excellence in both our provision and our performances.

Community - At Taunton School we develop strong values across the school and local communities in a myriad of ways.

Global Outlook - Essential if our children are to succeed in the modern era.

I have a wonderful job and Taunton School is in a strong position. Standing still is not an option and I am determined to continually evaluate and improve all aspects of our students' education.

Lee Glaser, MA

For more information about Taunton Preparatory and Senior Schools, please click here.

Entering Taunton School

Taunton School comprises Taunton School International, Taunton School International Middle School, Taunton School and Taunton Preparatory School, all housed in dedicated specialist buildings and sharing excellent facilities on the spacious campus.

International students are welcome in all parts of Taunton School, with several clear entry points depending on age, academic ability and level of written English.

Whether students are looking for an Academic English short course to prepare them for study, a Preparatory School education prior to Senior School, an intensive one year GCSE/Pre-IB course or a standard two year GCSE course, a two year A Level, BTEC or International Baccalaureate Diploma in preparation for university entry, we are confident that our courses offer the best choice.

Boarding is available for students aged 7 - 18 in age appropriate boarding houses and places are available as day students from 0 - 18.

Courses currently offered are:

  • IB Diploma (16 - 18)
  • A Level (16 - 18)
  • BTEC (16 - 18)
  • Two year GCSE (14 - 16)
  • One year GCSE/Pre-IB (15 - 17)
  • One year Pre GCSE (13-14)
  • One year Academic English (8 - 14)
  • Preparatory School (7 - 12)
  • Pre-Preparatory School (0 - 7)
  • 3, 6 & 9 week Summer School (7-17)
  • Group courses (7-17)


Transfer of students between schools is a natural process allowing for the best possible integration, academic success and social development.

For further information about entering Taunton School, please contact Admissions.

Offering More

Offering More

The British Education System

The British Education System